Girls and women constitute the biggest percentage of the world’s population, which ought to place them as pacesetters in education.

However, in so many societies, girls are still left behind due to cultural barriers, beliefs, and stereotypes. At Empower Rwanda, we are intentional at supporting girls and young women to stay in school. We provide school fees, scholastic materials and sensitize parents and girls about the importance of education.

For teen mothers who want to return to school, we provide counseling, confidence building, and self-esteem sessions to smoothen their reintegration.   We also pay their school fees, buy their uniform and scholastic materials as well as offer career guidance and mentorship. We help the teen mothers to identify technical and vocation skills that they can learn while helping their children to access Early Childhood Learning through Cell-based Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDs).

We believe that education among girls and young women can significantly reduce child marriages and early childbearing as well as teen pregnancies. We also believe that health and nutrition are improved through education.